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Steelfeed launches Steel business news

July 2012

Steel professionals worldwide are in steady need to discover more about steel business related news, prices, research and information..

As one of the major commodities worldwide; steel market information is always a critical issue in decisions of market actors.

More important is rumour ! Don't blame on us... That is true : Most professionals in steel business do not trust one-sided information from the magazines, articles, etc... But rather they prefer further negotiations on news between themselves...

They have a need to test the information they had.

That is what we offer first time in steel business. Now with Steelfeed you have a media that furnish you with news that you can join with your comments; you can affirm, negate or just improve the news with your additional information.

You are now in Steelfeed with your Linkedin & Twitter accounts

May 2012

Steelfeed turns to be a kind of 7/24 online media for a steel professional. Now with our improvements you can easily connect Steelfeed through your Linked-in and/or Twitter accounts. Any time you need to share or view market information we are there; if you have an offer/inquiry we are there...

What you need is just to authorize Steelfeed with your Linked-in and/or Twitter accounts. This way all works fully integrated.

Your steel feeds will be pushed to your interlinked Linked-in or Twitter accounts as you wish again.

Note! : it is not just your news' links but also your public offers/inquiries can be publicized on your Linked in, twitter accounts if you want.

How you like to work; you do with Steelfeed.... You like to be more public, yes you do... You like to be more private and protected, you have all the tools there...

Just go in and try; you will get amazed with generous features of Steelfeed in your every trial ...

What Steelfeed aims to offer you actually ?

July 2011

We are as Steelfeed have comprehensive perception on global steel market...

We know how you work; we know the bottlenecks on steel business : You loose time, when you need it most ! When you have time, you don't have a practical media to work on to boost your business !

You want to sell or buy but you want to watch the market as well. Any steel professional who cannot manage to do both, he/she may loose money at the end. You need to make decisions everyday while you watch the market. Any positive or negative expectation can change your sales/marketing policy.

That is normal, every steel professional knows that he/she is playing with a hot commodity : Time and information is crucial !

We offer you extra time with 7/24 online Steelfeed machine and cultivated (not raw) news from the market with global steel professionals comments.

As market chances (=which is quite often in commodity markets) you move to new markets.. Steelfeed is with you on your android phones or iPhones..

When you enjoy a stable and improving market (=That is sometimes possible) you just do as much as offers/inquiries as possible through Steelfeed's unique steel product database designed to push your offers/inquiries quickly but with enough and necessary details.

Your offers/inquiries can be published but can be visible only to whom you would like to show them. When you want to make your offer/inquiry 100% public then your account turns to be your company's Steelfeed website.

That's a magic ! Your commercial offers/inquiries are fully archived in your account : Some are fully visible as you wish some are shown to some of your specific partners and some are kept on your outbox as drafts to be published when you like.

What you need more ? Yes : sometimes you are lost in your emails to find out who quoted what to which offer/inquiry, etc.... With Steelfeed you are able to communicate directly in the system. You can send and receive messages under your specific offers/inquiries. Even you can do that when you are mobile with your android or iPhone .

At the end what we aim to offer is Time, Information, Mobility and System...

That is our secret compared to unidimensional B2B or News Portals ...